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As a customer you are required to change your password once you get your server from us.
Here is a short tutorial on how to change passwords both on the Proxmox VPS control panel and inside of your Linux - FreeBSD virtual or physical server.


Control Panel

  • Go to your control panel from your browser.
  • Login with your username and password that were given to you by our technical staff on your welcome email. Don't forget to select your login with "Proxmox VE authentication Server" otherwise your login will be unsuccessful.
  • On the left pane click over "Datacenter".
  • Click on the tab "Users" on the upper central part of the screen.
  • Select your usernmame.
  • Click on "password".
  • Type and confirm the new password.
  • Select OK.

Linux and FreeBSD

[root@remote-server ~]# passwd root
Enter new UNIX password:
Retype new UNIX password:
passwd: password updated successfully

Note that "[root@remote server ~]# " is just the shell prompt, and not part of the commands you type. Also note that there is no feedback on the screen as you type the password.

  • To change your user's password, issue the following command but change "root" for your username.

About root login in Ubuntu

  • Ubuntu has the root account locked by default.
  • The first created user has administrative rights via the use of the sudo command appended to the desired administrative command.
  • To change the password on any user in Ubuntu issue the following command:
[someuser@remote-server ~]$ sudo passwd someuser

and follow the rest of the above instructions.

  • Even though it is possible to enable the root user, we issue the VPSs using the standard Ubuntu policies.

Other passwords

MySQL / MariaDB

[user@remote-server ~]$ mysql -u root -p
Enter password:
mysql> use mysql;
mysql> UPDATE user SET Password=PASSWORD('MyNewPassword') WHERE User='root';
mysql> quit

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