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In order to have access to your server via SSH from Linux, FreeBSD, Mac or any Unix machine, SSH is already installed for default and you can access it via the command line. To have access from Windows, you need to use an SSH client. The PuTTY SSH client is a very popular option for this. To access your server or VPS from a Windows Machine, follow the steps below to download, install and use PuTTY .


Download PuTTY

  • Go to this page and get the latest PuTTY.exe file. To make it easier, just keep the exe file on your desktop.

Open the PuTTY client

  • Double click on the PuTTY icon created on install and you will see the PuTTY Configuration page:


  • Fill in the field named "Host Name (or IP address)" with your server's or VPS's user name (or root) followed by the "@" sign, followed by the IP address given to you when you signed in with (eg. someuser@, or root@


  • Click the Open button

Login to your Server / VPS

  • A terminal will open. Insert your user name's (or root) password. Please note that you will not see any feedback on the screen while you type the password.


Use your Server's / VPS's CLI

  • Once the login is successful you will be inside of your server's Command Line Interface. (CLI) Use it as if you were physically connected to your server's terminal.


  • If you are not familiar with Linux or FreeBSD commands, this tutorial may help you get started.

Exit your session

  • Once you are done, just type "exit" followed by ENTER on the terminal and the session will be finished.


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